May. 15th, 2012

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My new psychiatrist told me to go to therapy. I probably should've went earlier, but my health plan didn't cover it, and I don't think I could've talked about anything but it until I got Broadlawns's financial aid forms filled out and papers brought in.

Of course, when I finished that, I got nailed with a depressive funk. If they gave me a solid appointment, I could make it. If they just ask me to show up whenever, I'd have to fight myself to get up, and my mind would be making every excuse to not show up.

The thing is Broadlawns's therapy wants the first session to be walk-in. In other words, you have to go early and wait for someone to cancel or miss their appointment. If that sounds like fun to you, do you want to take over my OKCupid account?

I didn't know that it was reliant on people missing their appointments. I thought walk-in was just "walk in." I feel bad that I had my mother drive me there for support. I waited a couple of hours for everyone to make their appointment.

At least the receptionist gave me an appointment. It's after my psychiatrist appointment, but eh, I figure I could just explain my situation.


nykeyoung: The new Captain Marvel, formerly Ms. Marvel. (Default)

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

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