Aug. 19th, 2012

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I'm about a week into a new job scanning documents for a doctors office. I know the job is temporary, but I need something like this to get my mind off of the impending doom train.

The job's flexible. I show up and they put me to work. I have called in exhausted once. My social anxiety disorder is subsiding, as I don't really have to deal with the patients as people. I deal with them as charts, graphs, forms, and other miscellaneous papers.

On the other hand, I put in as many hours as I can to account for having to travel to Windsor Heights. With the price of gas, lunch, and caffeine, I don't want to lose more money than I take in just to get there.

It's funny that I got the job offer after mentioning my unemployment at a skeptics' meeting. I mean, filling out applications online for faceless companies was how I thought I'd get a job. This is slowly snapping me out of my funk.


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