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Twice a year, I go to Fields of Honor, a gaming convention in the Des Moines area. One's coming up at the end of the week.

This time, I'm going to put together my setting notes for Overland, with a modified version of PDQ#, and I'm going to run it.

I chose PDQ# on the grounds that it's a "skill abstract" system. There's no list of actual skills (though there are suggestions). The players just pick skills and I tell them if it's too broad or narrow for the game.

I intend to get a list of their skills so, if I change to a system that uses a skill list, I can get some idea of what players are going to choose for an arctic wasteland setting.

My plans for the adventure is to start simple. Rather than the multi-week trips between pyre cities, I have the PCs go after a weapon that's rumored to kill one of the pyres in one fell swoop. The Flame-Killer is currently under control of a tribe o sadistic nomadic slaver bird people known as Ternats, and they're currently living a day's travel from the pyre city of Mordat.

I figure it's a goal short enough to introduce the players to Overland, yet important enough to emphasize that this is a world that's a hair's breath from crashing down and leaving the PCs (and possibly an entire city) in an icy grave.

I hope that the feedback will point me in the right direction with Overland.


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