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I tried to get help from my Facebook friends list with my dating problems. I asked for wingmen and introductions.

I received nothing of the sort.

  • Two suggestions of match.com, because when I start to believe the women profiles on online dating sites are not those of actual living beings, let alone human women, the problem is I'm not paying for the privilege of the Turing Test.

  • Two "She's not going to reply to your message because you believe she's not going to reply to your message." It's not that the reply rate to online dating messages is horrendous. It's that I'm not blindly optimistic all the fucking time.

  • One "What do you want wingmen for? They'll take the better woman. Go back to online dating." (I paraphrased it, but this argument did come up)

  • One "You should join groups to meet women. Not that one. Not that one, either. Are you even trying?" It's not like I'm extending myself far enough. I have to go farther and farther and even farther.

  • Two "You have to find women on your own," because it's not like meeting women is a social activity or anything.

It's like I made friends just to have them be friends in the designated friend areas. If I made a friend at IAF, I made an IAF friend, not a friend I met at IAF. If I ask any of my friends to be a friend outside of their friend area, I'm asking for too much. Asking them to help me meet other people, and I might as well be asking for their bank account and social security number.
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