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Okay, the plan is

a) Apply to get into graduate school in several places. I'm looking at Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois. I'm trying to find a place that's outside of Iowa with an okay gaming store nearby.

b) Study for both GREs. I missed out on the Math GRE in Spring because it wasn't available at Iowa State. I have to register in the Fall, but I'm deciding whether to register for October or November. I also want to improve my writing score in the normal GRE.

c) Finish writing projects (V/A story, Terry & Kelly). Okay, you know my work ethic. Now, stop laughing.

d) Get a job. Okay, now start laughing.

e) Get the fuck out of Iowa. This place is slowly killing me.

f) --ooh, Daria DVD box set. Okay, I can start the list on Monday.

I'm actually going to keep up a log to record my efforts on these fronts.
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My application to Grad School at Iowa State has been denied, so I'm now trying to decide what to do.

I do have the manuscript for Vampire/Amazon I can finish editing, but going into writing won't pay that well. On the other hand, that's the thing I really want to do. I'm sitting here thinking. Do I really want to make the jump or try for something more common?

I could go into programming, but I probably need better classes than what I have. That'll mean going back to DMACC and taking the more-advanced classes.

I could study for the Actuarial Exam, but I screwed up the Math GRE. I'm not sure if I can remember enough or study what I need to.

I'm sorry. I'm doubting myself right now. I was really counting on Grad School to live somewhere away from my sister's family. Now that's gone, and I'm now trying to figure out my next move.

EDIT: I tried talking with my mother, but we were having two different conversation. I'm trying to talk about what I want to do and Mother was talking about trying to get the classes I needed for the Math GRE and trying again in Spring. I know she means well, but I held off facing the Real World because I wanted to go into Grad School. Now I'm not, and I'm wondering if I want to face the Real World now.

Go Time

Jan. 22nd, 2010 06:08 pm
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Sent the Supplemental Form and Resume today. Also sent out requests for letters of recommendation to two instructors at DMACC.

Really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for LoR. If either of them say "no," I'm screwed.


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Vampire/Amazon I Editing (Pass 1/3)
1 / 35 chapters

Stand/Fall (V/A book 2)
1,918 / 80,000

Argue With Me
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Humanity: A X-Day Crash Course
74 / 80,000

The World Doesn't Revolve Around You
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Dios Vu
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Betrayer/Destroyer (V/A book 3)
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Reckless/Thoughtless (V/A book 4)
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