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Okay, Wizards of the Coast is playtesting D&D 5e. It's supposed to emphasize "modular design" and allow people to play something that emulates the edition of D&D they grew up with. Rumor has it that grid combat is going to be one of those modular parts that can be ignored.

On one hand, 4e is the D&D I liked the most. I know 4e is the redheaded stepchild of the editions of D&D, but I still want some of the options to come with me us into the new edition, so I decided to list them.

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I played a Genasi Stormsoul Swordmage of Assault. We had a Paladin, so I was a secondary defender.

The group was a Dragonborn Paladin, a Human Ranger (didn't get type), a Tiefling Psion, a Drow Warlock, and a Elven Cleric, and my Genasi Swordmage.

The area the encounter happened was two elevated areas connected by a bridge over sewer water.

We got across slowly. I was trying to use my Aegis to get around, but every time I Aegis'd an enemy, my comrades would take him out, or there wouldn't be a place to teleport to. I couldn't Aegis other enemies that well, because the range on Aegis sucks (On the flip side, I don't have to engage. I can drive enemies nuts with Booming Blade and only have to attack the target whenever it attacks someone else). I got off the attack once, but ended up teleporting 0 squares for it.

The Paly was using a weapon for 2d6 Brutal 1 or 2. He used his 3[W] encounter and dailies which nailed a couple of enemies. The ranger tended to get in the way.

I had daggers, but I didn't think to use them. Probably should've. +5 is better than nothing. Heck, I probably could've went with Javelins. (Same to-hit, (+2 Dex +3 Prof vs. +3 Str +2 Prof) and better damage) or bought Intelligent Blademaster (Fear my daggers at +7 to-hit).

I hope the next encounter gives me more space to move.

I'm getting ready for D&D Game Day Saturday, and the next encounter.
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Now that D&D 4th ed has been out, and I have enough information, I'm going back to my original list of comments and beating the everloving shit out of it. 4th edition is a mild improvement on the original, and it's on my list of things to get sooner or later.

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All right, I've already said what I think about D&D 4th Ed. This post is only tangentally related to it. This is mostly about d20Modern, a game only a handful of you all give two shits about. I'm going to rant anyway, because this is the internet.

You see, as third edition came in, it also had a brother. Partway between D&D3e and D&D3.5 was d20 Modern. It used the rules from the "d20 System" of D&D, but set it in a modern context.

This meant that Magic and Psionics (dubbed "FX abilities") were optional. Someone could start a campaign with no magic or psionics at all. While the book itself had three campaign models, all required FX abilites, a GM could make a campaign without any magic abilites.

Now with 4th ed, going towards the cinematic side of the "realism vs. cinematic" spectrum, there's two ways that the franchise can go, and I don't like either one.

a) d20 Modern is abandoned completely. It probably already is, but I'm still going to be disappointed.

b) They try working the 4th edition into 4eModern.

The major problems of "b" is that 4th ed emphasises magic and species ("race" in D&D) more than 3.5 does, two things that aren't really instrumental in the modern world (Well, you can argue for a more racial "race", but that's a can of worms better off unopened).

Thing is, Exton/Emor can benefit from a 4eModern upgrade. It really wasn't all that realistic (I was inspired by City of Heroes/Villains) and I could just replace the "species/race" slice (out of "species/race", "class", and "items" slices, which the devs wanted to even out with 4th ed) with an "organization" slice.

It could also be tooled together into a system much like the one I mentally use for "Vampire/Amazon". While the Soulus style is built off of "Dead Inside", Colin uses the abilities too damn much for the game to be a good representation of the Soulus style. He'd be in soul debt for most of the book if he went by "Dead Inside" rules.

...I don't know what to think anymore. If only I could figure out Exalted, or WoD, or find a happy medium between realism and fantasy in the modern times.
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EDIT: This was stupid! After some studying, I went back through the list and found some things weren't as bad as I thought. I made that post here


I'm looking over so many of the changes. With D&D, there are some things I think are good and need to stay, and others that I think need to change. 2nd Ed had quite a few problems that were redone in 3rd ed. 3.5 worked out most of the kinks in 3rd. 4th, however, feels like Wizards forgot they were making a PnP RPG and started making some mish-mash of what seems cool.

Hell, they didn't even give 3rd a shelf life of 10 years.

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