Caucus Day

Jan. 3rd, 2008 10:02 pm
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Since there wasn't enough support for Richardson, my mother and I joined the Edwards group.

The rep from our district was 2 Edwards, 2 Hillary, and 1 Obama.

Well, Dodd dropped out, so Obama goes up to my #3. Nice to hear he took Iowa. I feel sorry for Richardson only getting 2%.

Still, it's early in the "primaries" so the field's still fresh.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 12:40 am
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Tomorrow (well, after I sleep and wake) is the Iowa caucus. I'm going to go with Richardson first. Then down to Edwards, Dodd, and Obama.

Then almost everyone else.

Then I'll leave early.

Then Hilary.
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When it comes to the Democratic Caucus (we don't have primaries here), I have a few picks.

1. Bill Richardson

The guy's been doing some great things in New Mexico, and the commericals with Iraq hostages really show a good leader. Plus, he actually has experience in an Executive position, rather than most of the Senators.

2. John Edwards

I agree with the guy on a lot of issues.

3. Chris Dodd

I agree with him, too, but I think he's got less of a chance than Edwards, and really lacks what Richardson's been doing.

4. Barack Obama

He really has the charisma, but I don't think he has the experience to be a good president.

I really hope that the early primaries and caucuses push some of the lower ones out, so that they can put their votes to people more likely to beat Hillary. I'm completely against Hillary getting the vote, considering she folds like a cheap chair ("I fought for health care" my ass.) When Wesley Clark's e-mail's supported Hillary, I thought he lost it more than I was trusting him.


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