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Considering the Gas prices, I started looking at the Des Moines DART program (the bus service, I don't know what the acronym is for) for another way to get to DMACC for my classes. I used their "let us put together your route" toy on their site.

It has come back:
"We do not have a bus that travels to DMACC in Ankeny until 11:09am, I don’t believe this will work with your schedule. I’m sorry we cannot be of service to you at this time."

Okay, Des Moines, and surrounding areas. You have to decide whether you are a metropolis, or a bunch of small towns in proximity. Pick one. Des Moines constantly wants to be both and fails twice.
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Well, finally caught up on Manga. Still trying to get through Storm Front. Then I'll hit the second Shana Novel before trying to hit Golden Compass again.

What is it with Des Moines, role-players, and meetup.com. Someone else tried to get a D&D game together through meetup.com, and him and I were the only people there. It was at Mayhem Comics near West Des Moines, so I got some Magic Cards and the "Tried again" Guardian Angel Getten double GN, so it didn't seem like a complete and utter loss.

Someone at DMACC is in 4 campaigns. How is he in four campaigns, when I can't even find someone to throw rocks at me?

EDIT: That joke works much better.
EDIT II: You'd think I could remember a title, but you'd be wrong.


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Stand/Fall (V/A book 2)
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Argue With Me
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Humanity: A X-Day Crash Course
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The World Doesn't Revolve Around You
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Dios Vu
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Betrayer/Destroyer (V/A book 3)
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