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I'm going to hold on to the two classes I mentioned.

From what I've heard, C# looks like a good thing to have under my belt.

I know I'm going to have troubles with SSA, but the bar for SSA could be low enough that I can pass.

I'm going to brave through SSA. I've got a month to decide whether this class is completely horrible. If at the end of the month (not calendar month), I'm failing, I'll know this isn't for me and drop the class.
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Now that I have that out of my system, I have two online courses that I'm thinking about dropping.

1. Structured Systems Analysis - I can handle online courses if they're A) simple (Intro to Computers), B) programming languages (COBOL, Visual Basic) or C) otherwise interesting.

SSA is none of those. It's a requirement for the MIS degree, which is why I took it.

When I was figuring my schedule last semester, I wanted to take SSA, but I had conflicts. I e-mailed around, to see if either class was available in person this semester. Even if it was a web-blended course, I need some interaction once in a while, and online won't cut it entirely. The other one wasn't, but the SSA instructor said SSA was, so I took the other class I wanted.

Fast forward to planning this semester, when I found out that what was said had no bearing in reality. Only one section, and that one was online-only. I entered, figuring a new instructor might make it manageable, only to find out no, it wasn't.

I mean, the first project, the only reason I have ideas for it is because I went to Buena Vista. I'm basically taking their ideas.

And it would be nicer if the set-up didn't speak for me. "You won't be given more information" is one thing, but "You require no further information"? YES I DO YOU LYING PIECE-OF-SHIT DOCUMENT ARGAGMAKABATDANA--

(And I'm trying to transcribe the sounds I'm making, instead of pounding on the keyboard)

I'm thinking about dropping the course, and hoping for an in-person session over the summer. Then again, I hoped that this semester would have an in-person session, and DMACC shattered that hope quite easily.

Honestly, I feel like just saying "I have a Bachelor's already. Why do I need this degree?"

Yeah, I'm going to a counselor tomorrow, but I don't think I can be talked out of dropping this class.

2. C# I took this thinking it'd be more like C++ or Java. It's looking more like Visual Basic and C++ Java's interspecies offspring. I didn't like Visual Basic, but I'm kind of on the fence on whether to drop C# or not. To me, Visual Basic seemed more "mind-numbing" than "difficult", but VB was required for MIS. C# isn't.

Anybody know what the demand for C# is? I want to know if knowing the language makes me look good if I have to rely on programming for income. I've already asked on my FB, but only got one reply.

ETA: Okay, I was corrected on the C++/C# similarity.

And 2 for 2: Keep C#.
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I emailed the instructor about one class last spring. I was wondering if it was available as a face-to-face class this upcoming Spring.

He said it was, and that he found out the class didn't work at all online-only, so it would be web-blended.

Now, looking at the schedule, I swear he either has no say, or he's full of shit. Only class is online-only.

I'm sitting here thinking that shoving an icepick under my fingernail would be better than trying to take that class online again. I'm not going to just set my money on fire for a shitty class.

I'm deciding whether or not to take a couple of classes and wait for summer, hoping it's actually the web-blended form, or drop out and tell them all to fuck off.
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After the Visual Basic correction, I went to take a COBOL quiz. I was supposed to take it today, but the time the instructor set was 12:00 AM, so the system interpreted that as "This morning" instead of "Tonight", and so I couldn't. I sent an e-mail, hoping to get the instructor's attention that this was a mistake.

And I didn't get the temp job. The bookstore was cutting back.

EDIT: Instructor took the blame and delayed the due-time to later.
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EDIT: E-mailed the instructor, asking about the grade. Apparently, the zero was his mistake. I'm not going to delete this post, as it skims too close to historical revision, but I'm going to lead with this comment.

I still hate online classes and still hate visual basic. Instructor not so much.

Okay, so I miss one assignment in Visual Basic, because the due date moved from Friday to Wednesday. I should've been paying attention.

An assignment later on refers to this missed assignment. I redo this missed assignment so I can re-make it using the new chapter's lessons.

I work through the night (literally, I started late, and ended around 6 am in the morning), and submit the new assignment.

I get a zero: Did not submit.

I check my submitted assignment. It works the way it should.

What the hell, instructor?

I hope to get through this class, so I never have to see Basic or that instructor again. If I don't make it, I'm avoiding that instructor anyway.
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Despite my lack of experience, I now know how a guy trying to get his SO to get to a party while s/he's still comparing outfits feels.

And this is thanks to my Finite Math instructor.

He constantly goes off on "Well, you could do it this way, but it makes you look like a nerd" and "I'm just going to add a decimal place so it looks like the table" and I'm there, thinking "It's fine. That is fine, too. As long as it's not wrong, it's fine. Let's go on with the lesson!"

Y'know, I have a BS in Math. Going into Management Info Systems (which is one of the computer courses here, since they phased out Computer Programming) means I have to take Finite Math. I cannot get around it. I wish I could, since the first few days was dealing with Mixed Numbers.

That's right, Mixed Numbers. Beyond the elementary classes that use mixed numbers, no classes use mixed numbers. It's improper or proper fractions. No one likes converting Mixed Numbers to Improper to do anything and then have to convert back.

I'm thinking there really needs to be a substitution available for Finite Math. I'm starting to think I know more than the instructor.
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I was mounting a few pieces for Graphic Design classes. In the spray room, you're supposed to leave some paper from a box down so your pieces. There is no paper in the box, so the mount is usually pulled apart before it dries to any extent.

I mean, they require you to have a "fixatif" (that's the name on the can) and spray mount, yet neither one works since they have no paper left to mat down.

Now I know their use. The fumes from the fixatif and spray mount serve no other purpose than brain damage, to the point where the art store can sell you an ink eraser that doesn't work, either.

I mean, that's the only way I can explain the head instructor for Graphic Design who wants to talk with me about my program change, despite the fact I have a class with her and haven't handed in much of anything in her class.


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