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When I started listing the potential classes, I started off with 7:  Soldier, Bodyguard (both defenders), Techie, Negotiator (both controllers), Gunslinger, Infiltrator (both strikers), and Personality (the sole leader).

Now, I'm probably going to have to make Negotiator a Paragon Path off of Personality.

Most of the powers I wanted to give to the Negotiator, I wanted to also give to the Personality.

I've only been able to put together one power that'd be Negotiator-only:

Sow Dissent
Daily * Charm, Language-Dependent, Social
Standard Action     Ranged 10
Attack:  Charisma vs. Will
Hit:  Target is stunned until the end of your next turn.
Miss:  Target is immobilzed until the end of your next turn.
Sustain Standard:  If you hit, roll the attack again with a cumulative -1 penalty.  If the target has been attacked by you or your allies since the last time you made an attack roll for this power, you cannot sustain it.
Second Hit: Target considers all allies as foes, and takes all Opportunity Attacks provoked.  Target will not act otherwise.
Third Hit and after:  Target makes an attack on the closest ally.  If there are two or more allies that are the closest, you may choose.  Target may only make basic attacks, and cannot add damage by Double Tap or Burst Fire.  Target will not act otherwise.

Aside from that one, most of the other powers would be too similar to Personality powers.  To me, that's not enough to make a new class from.  It seems more like a special Personality build than a new class entirely.
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I'm tweaking the Gunslinger to make it less like "half a Ranger"

* Handgun Gunslingers are more ego driven. They focus on powers that add a lot of damage at the expense of ammo. Ability scores focus on Dexterity and Charisma.

* Longarm Gunslingers are a lot more quiet. Focusing on Accuracy, and trying to conserve ammo. They focus less on damage, but more on striking the Damage Condition track. They share Dexterity, but focus more on Wisdom than Charisma.

Also, I'm going to see if I can't use the Massive Damage Condition Track for the death save strikes.

* Every time the person fails a death save, they drop one level down the track. (OK, -1, -2, -5, -10, UNC. This penalty doesn't add to the death-save, but it does stick around.)

* Falling below UNC means you have kicked the bucket. If you have spent the occupation points, you may get another chance below UNC.

* Rollling 20 allows you to spend a healing surge to get up, and also recover one level on the Condition track. You may use shrug-off checks to recover others. If you're unconscious, you stay unconscious, but still recover hit points.

Questions? Comments? Insults?
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I started off using the basic classes. Then I switched over to roles. Then I switched again to using advanced classes, all of them.

Now I'm just using some of the advanced classes. Here's what I've got.

Bodyguard: A pure Defender. Along the lines of the Paladin. Also has some "Assessing" powers (tells you things the GM isn't supposed to tell you).
Gunslinger: Striker, shades of Defender. Analogous to the archer Ranger.
Infiltrator: Striker. Analogous to rogue.
Negotiator: Controller. No real good relative that I know of.
Personality: Leader, shades of Controller. Along the lines of the Warlord.
Soldier: Defender, shades of Leader. Along the lines of the Fighter, with more ranged options.
Techie: Controller. Along the lines of the Wizard.

I actually wrote up the beginning of the Bodyguard for levels 1-3. )
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At first I divided the roles thusly:

Fast: Striker
Tough: Defender
Smart: Controller
Dedicated: Leader

Strong: Defender/Striker
Charismatic: Controller/Leader

The strong hero was equivalent to the fighter in D&D. The problem was guns. Yeah, a greatsword could deal comparable damage to a handgun (and a Str bonus on top of that), but the handgun had superior range and could nail anyone with a greatsword several times before that person could get into melee, ignoring cover.

So I'm starting to think that Strong should be the pure Striker, and Fast should be the Defender/Striker hybrid. I mean, cops have guns, and they're supposed to be our "defenders".

Also adding to defenses. I could do the easy thing and just add +2 to the defense that the leading attribute goes to. (Strong and Tough get a +2 Fort bonus, Fast and Smart get +2 Ref, and Dedicated and Charismatic get +2 Will). On the other hand, I could go and extend the bonuses from d20Modern (Strong and Tough still get +2 Fort, Fast still gets Ref, but Smart gets +2 Will, Dedicated gets +1 Fort/+1 Will, and Charismatic gets +1 Ref/+1 Will)

[Poll #1273719]
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The generic/not generic poll was tied, so I worked on a generic firearms table. If you don't mind a huge abstraction...

Generic Firearms
(Note, Submachine gun ammo should be "Bp", a shotgun should be a longarm, not a handgun, and the Heavy Sniper Rifle should have hand 3, requiring a bipod or other mount to fire. All guns are high crit weapons)

I might change the proficiency bonus to the Sniper Rifle to keep it even with the rest, or go up on the Heavy Sniper Rifle's proficency bonus.

Dificulty 3 is all normal firearms. I haven't messed with the Exotic/Superior firearms yet.

Purchase DC is as from d20Modern. An increase of 2-3 doubles the value of the item.

The S range/L range is in 5-foot squares like D&D4e. There will be abilites, class features, and equipment to increase the ranges.

I don't know whether the specific gun groups will mean anything, or even handgun/firearm.

Ammunition is simplified by damage dealt and gun type.

Rate of fire: Sngl - Single, S - Semiautomatic (can use powers and feats requiring Semiautomatic fire), A - Automatic (Can fire in an Area Burst 2, and make 5-round bursts), B - Burst (Can make 3-round bursts).

Questions? Comments? Insults?
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Still thinking about Exton: City in Chaos.

When I included Sciences, I knew from the beginning I'd have to add this feat. Yeah, some people would have general science expertise, but most people who have that sort of knowledge have a degree in one field.

Science Expertise
You have more knowledge of a field in Science than other people.
Prequisite: Trained in Sciences (Social Studies).
Choose a field (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Geology, etc.) You gain a +5 bonus for Science (Social Studies) checks regarding that topic.
Special: You may choose this feat more than once. You must choose a different field.

[Poll #1258780]


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