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NFL Kickoff, meh. Iowa-Iowa State game, egh. 24 hours of gaming tomorrow: I'M THERE!

I still don't have the Exton:CIC alpha ready. I was hoping to get something together for 24 hours or Fields of Honor, but I've been having no energy to finish it. I'm at least lucky I didn't collect enough nerve to tell anyone about the alpha.

I finally figured out why I can't generate power from apathy. If you go in to generate power, you care too much and won't have enough apathy to make power out of it. You basically have to catch people who don't care about creating power through apathy.

Y'know, since D&D encounters started, I've been messing with Exton more than editing Vampire/Amazon. I need to schedule time for editing it. I think I'll go with handing it out to betas job-by-job or chapter-by-chapter instead of the whole novel, just so I have some feedback to keep me going.

On the bright side, there's some writers that think that you should wait 6 months to a year after the first draft to start editing. I think I'm about in that range.
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Fun power from the Doctor.

Vital Elixir: Pep Injection

Doctor Class Feature

The first time you made this elixir, you figured out why some Mechanio splinter groups worship coffee.
Encounter (Special) * Technology
Minor Action Close Burst 5 (10 @ 11th level, 15 @ 21st level)
Target: You or one ally in burst
Effect: The target gains a +1 power bonus to speed until the end of the encounter, and you expend a vital elixir. The target can end the bonus as an immediate interrupt to gain a bonus to all defenses equal to your Intelligence modifier against one attack.
Special: You can use two Vital Elixir powers per encounter, but only one per round. At 16th level, you can use three Vital Elixir powers per encounter, but only one per round.

And I'm thinking about using mania rules for technology. Sort of like Genius: the Transgression rules. The Technology power source would be considered another magic like Arcane, Divine, Primal, etc. That would make it tougher for people to say that they should be able to use the techie's powers because they watched her using her powers constantly and they swiped her remote.


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It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

Vampire/Amazon I Editing (Pass 1/3)
1 / 35 chapters

Stand/Fall (V/A book 2)
1,918 / 80,000

Argue With Me
1,120 / 80,000

Humanity: A X-Day Crash Course
74 / 80,000

The World Doesn't Revolve Around You
0 / 80,000

Dios Vu
0 / 80,000

Betrayer/Destroyer (V/A book 3)
163 / 80,000

Reckless/Thoughtless (V/A book 4)
0 / 80,000

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