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Okay, the plan is

a) Apply to get into graduate school in several places. I'm looking at Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois. I'm trying to find a place that's outside of Iowa with an okay gaming store nearby.

b) Study for both GREs. I missed out on the Math GRE in Spring because it wasn't available at Iowa State. I have to register in the Fall, but I'm deciding whether to register for October or November. I also want to improve my writing score in the normal GRE.

c) Finish writing projects (V/A story, Terry & Kelly). Okay, you know my work ethic. Now, stop laughing.

d) Get a job. Okay, now start laughing.

e) Get the fuck out of Iowa. This place is slowly killing me.

f) --ooh, Daria DVD box set. Okay, I can start the list on Monday.

I'm actually going to keep up a log to record my efforts on these fronts.
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I'm e-mailing my three "Letters of Recommendation" people, explaining the situation and requesting the letters directly.

I'm also e-mailing the math department at ISU directly about my question.

And I figured I don't need the GRE scores. To avoid sending a copy of the scores, I need them on three things. Two of them aren't even sent to ISU yet. (The form already has them, but I'll have to add them to the resume. Are they supposed to be under "skills?")
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On top of that, I tried to get my brain back into math. After the Math GRE practice that showed how much I forgot, I decided to try something easier: an AP Calculus BC practice test.

Then I couldn't get through it.

Dammit, December's coming, and after that, getting an application to a Grad school is going to be tough for next fall.

So yeah, I'm starting to hate everyone now.
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On September 22nd, at 12:00 noon, I will begin the GRE general exam.

After announcing this to my mom, she told me I already had a dental appointment at that time, but that could be moved easily from this time.
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My half-dial-up has gotten worse. In the efforts to fix it yesterday, the dial-up now only manages 21.6 kbps at best. The worst part was it was on PeoplePC's end, so that drop was for nothing. I'm considering organizing something for CoX on Monday Afternoons or Evenings because that's when I go to DMACC and don't really need to be going back home at the end, so I can use their network and not the 21.6 at home.

Now looking at getting the applications for grad school. Looks like it's between Iowa State in Ames and Illinois State in Normal. I really need to get off my ass and study my old math books, so I can take the GREs.

My deal is, if I have a reason to stay in my area, I'm going to Iowa State. If I don't have anything, it's Illinois State. Considering I have the social skills of a tiger in a bear trap, if you want to gamble on it, bet on Illinois.

As for reviews, I want some feedback on them. Does anyone read them, first and foremost? Do you think the long, winding "stream of consciousness" style I write is annoying or mildly funny? Is there any suggestions on what I should read to review later? What I should review next? Should I get back on the V/A train? Should I finally start that damn Mister Anthropy thing? Should I go to either of those two and stop writing reviews? Am I such a bad writer that I should go full-force into Math and forget about those three? COME ON! TALK TO ME!


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It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

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The World Doesn't Revolve Around You
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