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Okay, the plan is

a) Apply to get into graduate school in several places. I'm looking at Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois. I'm trying to find a place that's outside of Iowa with an okay gaming store nearby.

b) Study for both GREs. I missed out on the Math GRE in Spring because it wasn't available at Iowa State. I have to register in the Fall, but I'm deciding whether to register for October or November. I also want to improve my writing score in the normal GRE.

c) Finish writing projects (V/A story, Terry & Kelly). Okay, you know my work ethic. Now, stop laughing.

d) Get a job. Okay, now start laughing.

e) Get the fuck out of Iowa. This place is slowly killing me.

f) --ooh, Daria DVD box set. Okay, I can start the list on Monday.

I'm actually going to keep up a log to record my efforts on these fronts.
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On September 22nd, at 12:00 noon, I will begin the GRE general exam.

After announcing this to my mom, she told me I already had a dental appointment at that time, but that could be moved easily from this time.


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It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

Vampire/Amazon I Editing (Pass 1/3)
1 / 35 chapters

Stand/Fall (V/A book 2)
1,918 / 80,000

Argue With Me
1,120 / 80,000

Humanity: A X-Day Crash Course
74 / 80,000

The World Doesn't Revolve Around You
0 / 80,000

Dios Vu
0 / 80,000

Betrayer/Destroyer (V/A book 3)
163 / 80,000

Reckless/Thoughtless (V/A book 4)
0 / 80,000

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