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Twice a year, I go to Fields of Honor, a gaming convention in the Des Moines area. One's coming up at the end of the week.

This time, I'm going to put together my setting notes for Overland, with a modified version of PDQ#, and I'm going to run it.

I chose PDQ# on the grounds that it's a "skill abstract" system. There's no list of actual skills (though there are suggestions). The players just pick skills and I tell them if it's too broad or narrow for the game.

I intend to get a list of their skills so, if I change to a system that uses a skill list, I can get some idea of what players are going to choose for an arctic wasteland setting.

My plans for the adventure is to start simple. Rather than the multi-week trips between pyre cities, I have the PCs go after a weapon that's rumored to kill one of the pyres in one fell swoop. The Flame-Killer is currently under control of a tribe o sadistic nomadic slaver bird people known as Ternats, and they're currently living a day's travel from the pyre city of Mordat.

I figure it's a goal short enough to introduce the players to Overland, yet important enough to emphasize that this is a world that's a hair's breath from crashing down and leaving the PCs (and possibly an entire city) in an icy grave.

I hope that the feedback will point me in the right direction with Overland.
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I set up the seven pyre cities of Overland, and then I hit a snag.

Each pyre city in Overland has a deep, dark secret. Said secret is the reason that city's pyre is still bright. Some of the cities' secrets are milder than others.

One of the cities, Calin, has as it's secret "People cannot leave Calin." The pyre will go out if enough people leave the city. The city is enchanted to force anyone walking out of Calin to go back into Calin.

Now the pyre of any pyre city leaves the city at a manageable temperature, so the city can grow plants and people aren't just losing body heat every day they live.

So, if the only bad thing about Calin happens if you leave, why leave Calin? You could just live the rest of your life in Calin. Why go anywhere else?

I need to re-think this city.

I planned the cities into 3 pairs and Diabé, the center city. I figured each pair of cities have the "opposite" secret. (Ulin has one person being tortured to keep the pyre going; Amas has one person being given their every whim. Mordat has the ravages of aging amped up; Eron has the undead walk the earth at night. Diabé, the central and warmest pyre city, has a big demon problem.) The opposite of Calin is Senton, and that city has a maximum population, with new births followed by sending people into exile. I like that secret, and I don't want to lose it, but I'm trying to find something "opposite" of Senton's secret for Calin.

So my thoughts are:
1. Try to find a way to make Calin's dark secret not eaten by fridge logic.
2. If I can't do #1, make a new dark secret for Calin.
3. If I can't do #1 or #2, make two new pyre cities and dark secrets for both.
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My mind has run off by itself. It likes the arctic setting I'm trying to come up with for an RPG System Which I Will Determine Later.

I want to call it "Overland," after the vast expanse of ice between the pyre cities. I could also call it something like "Flamedeath," because the background talks about the death of the fire god, but the overland is going to come up more.

I did look up the word "overland" and it is an adjective meaning "travelling or passing over land," so it doesn't quite mean what I want it to mean. On the other hand, I like the statement, "If you want to go to a pyre city, it's the land you have to go over, so we call it 'overland,'" even if it doesn't fit the dictionary definition.

Each one holds a dark secret tied to the pyre, and the pyre maintains a temperature that allows the city to grow food, so everyone in that city will maintain the secret to keep the city's pyre going. One of the cities has one person who must be tortured, or the pyre fades out. Another city has a number of people that it must keep to, exiling people if it ever goes over that number, or the pyre fades away.

It's a bleak setting, and I'm working on it.

Edited to remove footnote that doesn't exist anymore.


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