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Ah fuck it. I could overanalyze things to "Does she like me, doesn't she like me." I'm going to end the speculation, and send an e-mail, after I get some comments on the rough draft.

Watch the fiery crater. Doesn't it look cool! )

I might be pessimistic, but I'm going to send the e-mail once I get some ice cream singles.

EDIT: Taken 1 suggestion into account.
EDIT 2: Fired off. Anyone that has any unwritten suggestions is officially "too late".
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I've been checking out this woman's LiveJournal, making some comments, and I started to like her. I mean "like her" like her. I want to admit to it, because in that part of my mind I've been meaning to silence, I think I'd get something out of it.

I'm pretty sure she's single and a woman (I've seen photos), but the big problems are she has some popularity that I'd probably look like a fanboy, and even if I don't, she lives quite a few states away, going into the problems of long distance relationships.

Tell me this is stupid, please, before I decide to go through with it.


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