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Another evo-psych article is saying that Feminism inhibits sex drive studies rats, of all animals.

For those of you that don't get why this is incredibly stupid, let me just spell it out. )

There's more wrong at the link, but that was the big one that my mind latched onto. I know I made some evo-psych assumptions, but if you can't even play by your own rules, we're not going to wait for you to play by ours.
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Hold the phone women!

Acting like a SMRT woman with a superiority complex gets less dates than acting like a giggling idiot.

Of course, you can just blame the men for not wanting a SMRT woman.

...and I found-ed it through here.

Here's something: if she was really impersonating a smart woman, she wouldn't be intimdating the men right out of the gate.

I mean, some of the things she pulled under the guise of being SMRT are only what she thinks smart people would do.

I mean, who would name their cats "Roe" and "Wade"? I mean, is one for abortion and the other against?

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