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Okay, I'm going to order a new drive from Amazon.com. I know it's external, but it also has DVD-RW capabilities. I doubt I'm going to get tech support to help me, considering how my computer has changed hands.

Now, with Mr. Anthropy, I'm thinking about making the writing public (under a Creative Commons License, I'm not stupid) and use a vanity press, like lulu.com, to sell books, as opposed to V/A, which will be under The List, only available to friends, and will be submitted to larger publishing houses.

Thing is, what sort of site should I use for the story? I don't think I'm going to post it here, since it'd take up space, and I'd either have to a) put up another list for Mr. Anthropy, which would cut into making it public or b) post it flattly, and have it annoy the rest of you.

Opinions? Comments? Insults?
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I called tech support. I was asked for a serial number. Apparently my serial number has RUBBED OFF over the months.

I told them all I could read. It's not the right computer.

I could either find the old paperwork (yeah right) or replace the CD-RW/DVD drive on my own.

Anyone know of any good places?

EDIT: Added what type of drive it is.

Damn you

Apr. 10th, 2008 04:03 pm
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My CD-RW/DVD Drive (PHILIPS CDRW/DVD SCB5265, to a laptop. The laptop has a slot where the drive goes, and the drive has a plug that's supposed to go to the computer) does not work. It does not show I have a disc in when I HAVE A DISC IN.

It's not working for CD-Rs or DVDs.

Don't tell me I have to replace it.

EDIT: The fun in warranties. I had to look up my serial number on Gateway, with the white part that's supposed to have it RUBBED OFF. Then, Gateway says it doesn't have that warranty and I need to contact MPC. I go over there, and see that they have what I want, but I find out that I cannot e-mail them and have to call a 1-877 number (Is that toll-free? I don't know anymore).


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