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(Also posted on the Absoulte Write Water Cooler forum, so if you've read it there, you aren't seeing double.)

My WIP has multiple personalities.

The first personality takes up the first half of the work and is more childish. The goals placed in front are low-lying jobs and complications, which it goes after episodically and is more built like short stories than a longer novel. It make silly jokes and picks up small things when it goes on the town, but doesn’t always use those things, so it clutters up its apartment and car with its collection.

The other is more serious. It doesn’t skimp along from goal to shallow goal, but puts all its effort into one larger goal. It does make jokes, but it’s less apt to steer a conversation into a joke. It could try to run through as a short novella, but it probably couldn’t get through the day if it didn’t find all the crap that the other personality left around.

One part of me just wants to write the WIP as a novel and submit it like that. Another wants to submit it in short stories/episodes and try to edit it into a fix-up later. A third wants to just submit the first half/personality as short stories, and try to include the second half in the fix-up. I plan to extend the WIP into a series, which is making the third option not feel as good.

A small part of me wants to go around the system and using vanity presses or posting to the internet, but that feels like voting for Bill Richardson for president in the current US election. It’d feel good to have my voice out there, but it wouldn’t be taken seriously and it definitely wouldn’t pay off as much as voting for the guy I hate less.

So, in short, what would you all suggest?
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Whenever I read, my mind pictures the scene the book intends to create. I forget I'm reading words as I go off into my own la-la land.

Now, that I'm trying to write Vampire/Amazon, I'm trying to reverse the process and getting stuck, because some the actions I want to describe I really haven't read.

The question I'm trying to get to is "How would you describe a move where you try to shove your side/arm/shoulder into the other person to either knock them down or push them around?" "Check" is going into my mind, but I can't remember how to use it to make the sentence descriptive enough to use, yet terse enough for an action scene.


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Vampire/Amazon I Editing (Pass 1/3)
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Stand/Fall (V/A book 2)
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Argue With Me
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Humanity: A X-Day Crash Course
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The World Doesn't Revolve Around You
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Dios Vu
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Betrayer/Destroyer (V/A book 3)
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