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Or at least, the rough draft of one. A manuscript. A book if I want to go through vanity publishing. Anyway--

On this day, Prickle-Prickle, Confusion 63, 3175, Vampire/Amazon's alpha is done. I'm taking a break of at least a week, before revising it into a Beta.

I'm going to see what books on writing the local libraries have. There are three I can get to easily.

But hey, I wrote a manuscript.

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V/A's Almost there. Another 300-some words from being 88,889.

I've already fixed the Caffiene/Adrenaline switch.

I will fix Judson's fight before I take a break. It's a fight I need to fix, and it won't affect a lot of the book.

I will wait to add Kay to the invasion group until after the break. It would affect the whole third part of the book, and I'd have to add lines for her, or move lines from other characters.

And I go on and on... )

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As I'm working, I'm thinking. There are quite a few glaring errors in V/A (the fight where Colin crosses the bridge, then stays on the wrong side), and some edits I want to make (A caffiene shot becoming a syringe of epinephrine). I know I'll have to make the edit, but I'm thinking if I should do it after the pre-edit break or before.

[Poll #1434678]

And the graph is now set to 88,889 words. 80K divided by .9 (the 10% removal suggested by Stephen King, crossed with my mathematical mind, as I wondered if it was 10% of the original draft word count or the final draft word count, the latter having a goal of 88K instead.)

Holy Crap.

Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:59 pm
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As it looks like in my planner, I will be done with Vampire/Amazon's rough draft in the next week or two!

I dropped the "Rescue Jess's parents" subplot. The subplot would've been too long and too close to the finish line that it would've stopped the pace right before the final boss.
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Bad news is the internet's down at home. I'm thinking it's on PeoplePC's end. I'm probably going to give the cord a once-over to be sure, or check Mom's computer.

Good news, I "celebrated" my diet on Friday (Yeah, by cheating on it with a couple of pop-tarts). But thanks to that, one of my doubts about the diet went away. I doubted it could affect my anxiety, and by proxy my depression. I felt more confident in the diet, but didn't really think it was affecting my anxiety.

A few bites into the pop-tart, I thought I saw the room shake.

The next morning, I looked at the same area. It just looked like part of the room, not particularly doing anything.

This is telling me that the effects of simple sugars are the cause of the anxiety. Good to know. I'll just order water when I'm out on excursions.

And those pop-tarts were delicious by the way.

Bad news, Adventureland pissed me off today. Some of their rides had "No Single Riders: Single Riders will be grouped with others". I'm okay with that, but that second part didn't matter to the Skywheel Operator that kicked me off. That got me mad, and apparently that made me invisible to one of the Parlor Game Operators. That's the only way I think that I could be skipped over when I had enough money to play in my very hand. Mom didn't come, and left me an option to come back home early without my sister or the rest of family, and I took it.

And the other good news. Well, I don't know.

I still have to finish the Alexis/Steele fight, another Nobody ambush, and the final smackdown. Then there's editing to work through. Who cares, I met the word goal!
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Word Count for Week: 2,811 words (11 pgs)
Current Word Count: 81,694 words
Outlook: Yeah, the diet change got in the way of me writing 16 pages. I only made 11, so next week is 14.

Yeah, I'm running out of things to write. I might have to move the last Alexis/Steele fight, since where I've got it, it starts early, but a whole lot of other things happen, too.

The diet change has made me a lot less nocturnal than I was. I may have to start writing in the daytime.

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V/A broke 80K. The goal I had from the Beginning. The effective minimum for most first-timers in SF/F. And I got Colin free of the Bureau. Captured no more.

Of course, I'm already planning to throw out about 3,000. And I'm gonna lose some in editing. Eh, I'll clear that up. EIGHTY-K!

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No, seriously. Even if there isn't a hell, giggling at the "two blind guys opening doors" part would probably set up enough energy to make a hell to drop me off at.

Word Count for Week: 3,880 words (15.5 pages, Goal Made)
Current Word Count: 78,883 words
Outlook: Yeah, I'm slogging through Invasion. Compared to my group, the agents are mooks right now.

Why I'm going to hell, even if it's not logically possible. )

I also think I might lose the mole subplot. I had to prove one of my suspects was who she says she is, and that makes the real mole, the only one breaking into Leviathan without any supernatural power whatsoever, and someone that the group just met, stick out like a sore thumb.

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Word Count for Month: 12,754 words (51 pages)
Word Count to Date: 76,795 words
Outlook: On one hand, the end is still in sight. I'll have a rough draft together before fall.

On the other hand, I'm starting to run out of places to add words. Whenever I get stuck, I'd go into another section and come back to it later. Running out of places to go, I'm starting to slow down. Hell, I might go into Argue With Me to keep up pace.

And there are those things I need to revise. Colin ending up with a knife in Chapter 11 that hasn't even been made until Chapter 12. Rewriting the Hardhead fight (Attempted rape, even if the guy is completely outclassed, is something I'm trying to avoid.). And making Colin a little more fatalistic. I'm probably going to make those revisions after completing the book but before the week quarantine. I want to see V/A in a new light.

Now that I think about it, do I really need to go around the moon to get enough momentum to go through a few miles of dirt, or could I just go up far enough and shoot down?

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Word Count for Week: 3,506 words (14 pages)
Word Count to Date: 75,004 words
Outlook: Whoo, 75K. I made 14 pages. I made quota for Separation. Next is 15 pages.

The problem is I'm running out of places to add words. Trying for 15 next week may be a little tough.

I've got about 8 sections I can think of I'll need to start or complete. Only two are in Separation.

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The second section of V/A, Separation, is over quota.

It's not done yet, and the books still aren't close enough to alpha yet.

But, hey, when I get Separation done, it won't be under quota.

And it means my goal for Invasion will be less.


Jun. 21st, 2009 02:55 am
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Word Count for this week: 1,887 words
Word Count total: 71,497 words
Outlook: I didn't make 14 pages this week. I had a huge disturbance of my nephew and his father's parenting policy of "Do nothing; out of ideas" and "Believe the child that lies through his teeth." I also had another try at going out, and the IAF annual meeting, which cut into my time.

It'll be my goal to hit 11 pages this week. ((13 last week + 7 this week)/2+1)

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Word Count for Week: 3,265 words.
Word Count to date: 69,610 words.
Outlook for future: Whoo, 13 pages. Whenever I get enough of a pace going, I can get better up to 3 pages per day.

It's coming together. I've got 390 (<2 pgs) until 70k, 3,501 (about 14 pgs) until 10k left. And 13,501 (just over 54 pgs.) until the work is "long enough".

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Word Count for Week: 2,560 words.
Word Count to date: 66,346 words.
Outlook for future: Whoo! 10 pages. I had 8 pages marked, and 2 were change. Sure, I had to cut into my "Read Gulliver's Travels" time.

And the number of words I need to get to 80,000 now begins with "1". I never thought I'd get this far.

Sure, about 3,000 of those words are in the toybox, where I put things that sound good or dump edited out sections to. When it comes to revising, those'll probably be ignored. I added it to the word count goal, since I liked that fraction to subtracting it from the word count.
(Adding gives me 79.90% and subtracting would give me 79.14%)

As I said earlier, my goal next week is 11. Anything more and I undershoot it.

Also, for personal things, I think I'm better off going out days other than Friday or Saturday. The place I went tonight just got crowded. Eh, I learn.

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Word Count for Week: 1,695 words.
Word Count to date: 63,019 words.
Outlook for future: Six pages, almost seven. This is what happened last time I cascaded to twenty-one pages per week. Like last time, I'm aiming for seven pages next week, not eight, not fourteen, not twenty-one.

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Word Count for this Month:  18,062 words (about 72.25 pages)
Word Count:  59,210 words
Average Word Count per Day:  582.6 words (about 2.33 pages)

I had a good time on the wagon, before I fell off.  I'm trying to get back into that "three-pages-per-day" pace, but the change between Paying Debts and Separation knocked me down.

I've messed with the Excel workbook I use for recording word counts.  Now it also counts other projects I'm working on.  I probably won't drop those in the Writing Progress posts, but they may be part of the daily goals.

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Word Count For This Week: 1,764
Total Word Count: 58,096

Outlook for the Week: Argle Bargle. My brian isn't working today. I has the dumb.

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Word Count For This Week: 4,233
Total Word Count: 56,332
Comments: I finally finished Part 1 early in the week. I took a bit of a break afterwards.

Outlook for the Week: Working on Part 1, I had so many times that the scenario I set up for one chapter stretched into two or three. Now in Part 2, the opposite's happening, and I'm getting scenario's I hoped would be chapters long now going to scenes. It's like the episodic nature prevailent in part one got angry that it wasn't in part two, packed up and left, but not before slashing my tires. I might have to drop to one page per day until I can get a better pace.

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I've finally got the alpha of the Paying Debts section of V/A finished.

It is currently 47,356 words long.

In theory, I wanted to put Paying Debts as the first half of V/A. On one hand, I can make it longer than the second half (Separation and Invasion). On the other hand, I'm seeing parts where the writing needs to be tightened up, so I may lose a lot of those words when I start revising. I may have to add the Drug Bust arc if I lose too many words.

But I'm not going to worry about that for now. The last job arc starts off Separation. After that, the shit starts hitting the fan. The puppet-master's plot finally gets rolling, true natures are revealed, and the last face-off against who's been keeping the Bureau from doing their job.

I'm stopping for the night, and taking tomorrow off. I need the break after so many "750-word" days.

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I made a pretty good month this month.

Words for week: 5,710

My goal has been three pages per day. For two weeks, I've been making that goal. About 23 pages this week.

Words for month: 12,815

The first week was seven-pages-in-a-week. I planned on eight, nine, and ten for the remaining weeks, but went fourteen for the first, and twenty-one after. About 51 pages

Words per day: 457.68
Pages per day: 1.83
Words per week: 1,427.5
Pages per week: 5.71
Days per page: 0.55

Hey, the Pages per day are higher than the Days per page.


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It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

Vampire/Amazon I Editing (Pass 1/3)
1 / 35 chapters

Stand/Fall (V/A book 2)
1,918 / 80,000

Argue With Me
1,120 / 80,000

Humanity: A X-Day Crash Course
74 / 80,000

The World Doesn't Revolve Around You
0 / 80,000

Dios Vu
0 / 80,000

Betrayer/Destroyer (V/A book 3)
163 / 80,000

Reckless/Thoughtless (V/A book 4)
0 / 80,000

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