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Yeah, I'm finishing it up, and should have it done by Saturday. It was actually a last-minute change in the story. I've wrote the Hopeless from my d20 Modern game and Vinni's Bounty Hunting and Pizza Imporium into this chapter.
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Yep, I finished it. I intend to finish a rough draft of at least 13 chapters by the end of June, and I'm more than halfway there.

This one is sort of like introducing a Superman villain in a Batman world. With Loki, his illusion and mind control abilites, I admit, push the limit of versimilitude. Also, this chapter didn't have Veneru in it, so that's a change of pace.

In hindsight, though, I'll probably end up changing the title for this chapter. I wanted to bring up the destroyer aspect of Loki, and it ended up downplayed for the ink and serum that gives him his abilities. Maybe I'll get a better shot later.

And yes, I will take volunteers to proofread.
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Exton was once a small Iowa town, hidden from most of the world. With a population of 1,000 and most of them hostile to living there (most of the people couldn't leave the area of Exton, due to mysterious circumstances like vehicles breaking down, buses leaving early, etc.) Exton was the last .

Then it happened.

Nobody saw it happen, but afterwards, there was a big hole through a couple of roads, and a building almost magically appearing in an open lot afterwards. People believed a bomb blasted the hole open, despite no rubble nearby. It couldn't have been something falling from the sky, since something that could make a hole that big would have problems moving, but still there it was.

The building had a sign with "Lucien Industries" on it, and an upside-down pentagram. Most people in Exton have agreed that the building and the property damage are related. The day after Lucien Industries appeared, Veneru Montolian, a big-time evangelist, came to town. Declaring the blast an act of God, and Lucien Industries a throne of Satan, he has drummed up monitary support for his craft.

Citzens have developed a group called God's Army, but that group generated more problems than came up when Lucien Industries appeared. However, its advocates are crying foul, saying that the critics are anti-Christian.

Slowly, God's Army gained more and more power. They are somehow getting out of jail, either by terrorizing guards or having some members among the police. At the same time, they used scare tactics to get otherwise normal people into their group.

Fast forward to the 2000's, about thirty years later. God's Army has a grip on the city. Veneru Montolian is a multi-millionaire with his own channel on TV, and a nearly-transparent building as his office. There are people who say Veneru is actually profiting from the attacks of God's Army, that Veneru has a puppet as mayor, but others often just see those as conspiracy theories.

--Exton: The Great Battlefield
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From TokyoPop:

"Q: What kind of subject matter are you interested in?
"A: We are interested in almost everything (romance, comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, etc.), but we are not interested in superhero projects."

So, back to the drawing board.
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I'm dusting off the Superheroine WrongWay, and am going to try and finish at least a rough draft of volume 1 (13 chapters) by early June. I'll allow requests to be a proofreader to WrongWay, but won't actively look for them yet. I am looking at TokyoPop's novel branch as a potential publisher, but will probably have some others, because of the Christian elements.

I have taken the Superheroine WrongWay off the web, for the most part.

This is a rough draft of character descriptions. If there's any details I could add to help with describing characters, let me know.

Spoiler alert!!! )


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